Meet Hailsham's very own
Romeo & Juliet..


Ramses & Laura have grown up together in Verona, Italy. After marrying in 2012, they have three very handsome boys together.

Ramses, originally from Cuba, has always had a passion for baking and cooking authentic Italian food, after studying at culinary school and achieving a Diploma, he worked as a successful baker and chef in Verona, specialising in fresh, handmade pasta, bread, pizza's and many other dishes.

After falling in love with the East Sussex coastline, Ramses & Laura made the move to the UK in 2018. They settled in Hailsham and set upon making their dreams happen, and opening their very own Italian restaurant.

They have worked tirelessly to learn English, and throw themselves into the local community.

After completing on their restaurant, they spent many months during the lockdown renovating the space and planning their menu to bring you the very best of Italy, and provide a future for their boys here in the East Sussex.


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